A number of U.S. companies have encountered challenges with exporting products and services in to the Chinese market. The U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) is seeking industry input for a new project intended to address specific problems U.S. companies are having with “conformity assessment” issues in China. A conformity assessment is the comprehensive term for measures taken by manufacturers, their customers, regulatory authorities, and independent, third parties to assess conformity to standards. Conformity assessment enhances the value of standards by increasing the confidence of buyers, users, and regulators that products actually conform to claimed standards.

The DOC is developing a China–U.S. conformity assessment project designed to tackle industry problems, including the China Compulsory Certification (CCC) regime and companies’ dealings with designated certification bodies (DCBs) who certify products for CCC. The project aims to address concerns expressed by U.S. companies, including certification bottlenecks, overly burdensome requirements, and transparency issues during the CCC certification process, etc.

The DOC is seeking input on specific conformity assessment problems U.S. companies are having in China by March 26, 2010. Please provide any suggestions or input for specific issues related to conformity assessment in China to one of the following individuals:

• Ryan Ong, U.S. China Business Council ryanong@uschina.org

• Jenny May, U.S. Department of Commerce jenny.may@trade.gov

More information on the U.S.-China Conformity Assessment Project can be found at the following website: http://www.ansi.org/news_publications/print_article.aspx?articleid=2474

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