Tax-financed ‘green jobs’ hucksterism haunting Team Obama

Even as President Barack Obama criss-crosses the country (only in battleground states, natch, come the ’12 election) to sell his latest jobs plan, his administration’s abject failure to pick business winners stands on full display in Fremont, CA. There, solar-panel maker Solyndra LLC — recipient of $535 million in taxpayer-backed loans — is shutting its doors, slumping into bankruptcy and now crawling with federal agents and GOP-led congressional investigators.

Meaning this administration doesn’t just lean anti-business (notwithstanding its penchant for playing footsie with mega-investor Warren Buffett, General Electric Co. Chairman Jeff Immelt and the Wall Street moguls who make campaign contribution). Team Obama also doesn’t seem to have a clue when it comes to discerning the difference between reasonable bets on a company’s future and politically correct fliers on losers unprepared for stiff competition. And Solyndra is proving to be just that.

via DETNEWS | Weblogs | Daniel Howes’ Blog.

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