Contract manufacturers are firms that manufacture components or products for another hiring form. The most popular industries use this process including the defense, semiconductor, medical, automotive, personal care, energy, computer, and aerospace fields. Common types of contract manufacturing includes CNC machining, aluminum dye casting, gears, forging, grinding, and complex assembly.

In just about every single industry today there are organizations that manage to succeed by focusing mainly on what they are best at, while leaving the rest to their partners, agencies, and outsourced vendors. Contract manufacturing can be difficult to supply from a chain point of view but it seems to fit perfectly into the scenario.

In typical contact manufacturing business model a hiring firm will contact the contract manager regarding a design or formula. The hiring firm is generally an OEM. During this process the contract manufacturer will quote the parts based upon processes, labor, tooling, as well as material costs.

In most cases the OEM will get multiple quotes from different CMs. When the bidding process has been completed the hiring firm will select a source as well as an agreed upon price. Then the CM is basically the hiring firm’s factory and produces and ships units of the same design.

Contract manufacturing can be used for just about anything, all the way from single components to a complete product. There are many popular companies that use contract manufacturing as a main alternative to operating and maintaining their own factories. Your very own personal computer, printer and cellular phone are perfect examples of these products that are made from using this specific method.

When you are in an international context establishing a foreign subsidiary as a contract manufacturer can have very considerable tax benefits for the associated parent company. This will allow the company to reduce their overall tax liabilities while increasing profits. This all depends on the activities of the specific contract manufacturer.

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