While talking about circuit boards that have customary through-hole electronic machinery, many people nowadays, robotically compare circuit boards by placing of electronic parts via wire leads and holes present in the board. This technique of producing circuit’s boards and electronic components is older one and is now replaced by surface mount components. It may surprise some people that the surface mount components technology is present for almost twenty five years now. Also called as SMT; this type of technology puts electronic parts on the circuit boards and fixes them directly on to the circuits boards. Allowing for newer and better change that means, it is enabling us to build smaller components and hence ending up making smaller products, for example, the size of mobile phones, has been reduced drastically just because of this technology.

Cable harness assembly can also be called as cable harness or cable assembly or wiring loom. It can be best described as sequence of strings of cables or wires that are able to transmit operating currents or informational signals. The cables in cable harness are bounded with cable ties or electrical tape. This cable harness assembly is commonly used in constructive machinery and cars. It provides many advantages as compared to loose wires or cables. For example, airplanes contain wires and cables that are kilometers long but by binding them it makes them more secure and safe. Moreover this cable system is easy to install than other systems.

Quad Flat Package or QFP is an integrated circuit that includes leads extending from all four sides. It is mostly used in surface mounting devices, QFP socket is a rare thing and through-hole mounting is impossible. There are different versions from 32 to above 200 pins with pitch ranging from 0.4 to 0.1 mm. The package that is in relation with QFP is similar to PLCC but it has pins with larger pitch mostly used in NOR flash memories.

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