Though some consumer market indicators show signs of a sluggish second half, many of the indicators for the electronics industry foretell continued growth. IPC figures are solid, as are those of the semiconductor materials world.

Recently released IPC statistics for May showed a continuing rebound for our industry. Rigid PCB shipments were up 31.4 percent compared to May, 2009, and flexible circuit shipments rose 10.5 percent. Bookings were also up compared to last May, increasing 45.8 percent year-to-year for rigid boards and 59.3 percent for the smaller flexible market.

Elsewhere in the electronics industry, continuing growth in semiconductor materials portends more good news. Chipmakers show no signs of slowdown as they continue to buy more of the raw materials they need to make integrated circuits.

The total semiconductor materials market will grow a torrid 21.6 percent in 2010 to $21.71billion, Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International. SEMI predicts a slowdown to 6.8 percent next year, still not a bad growth rate.

Underscoring how severe 2009’s slump was, these two years of solid growth will only boost 2011 revenues to $23.19 billion, which is still below 2008 sales of $24.19 billion. Silicon wafers are leading the rebound, growing at 32 percent this year. Growth is solid for all size wafers, even including small 6-inch wafers. Photoresists are also well into double-digit levels, growing at 23 percent this year.

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